LAN console liftable in the Saudi OIL-GAS Market

RDI provides a new control centre for the OIL and GAS sector in the Middle East, which consists of fully customized and equipped liftable control consoles to carry out data management and critical operations tasks.

The ergonomic requirements of Control Centres are constantly evolving, that is why the 24/7 LAN console range already has the height-adjustable option as it is a key point for improving performance. Some of the benefits of alternating sitting and standing work:

+ Reduced back pain

+ Improvement and increase in physical and emotional well-being

+ Productivity increase

+ Reduction of cardiovascular risks


The LAN range expands with the liftable version


The LAN range has already a height-adjustable console option. The console design has two side pistons integrated into the compartments that are operated by a button under the work surface that makes the worksurface rise or descend simply and quickly.

The wiring runs through a hinged vertebra and goes from the compartment to the central channel, where it communicates directly with the other compartments.


Besides, the design of the console contemplates all the requirements for such a complex workplace:


Electronics compartment

It serves to store the operators' computers. The sheet steel structure incorporates space for the PC and space with front and rear access for managing the equipment cabling and the energy and data areas.



Made of 18mm compact phenolic resin.


Wireless charging point

For compatible devices. It is placed under the work surface, and a small icon on the tabletop locates its position.


Device Support System (DSS)

Made of steel and located under the chute, it allows the wiring to circulate internally from the compartments to the connection outlets located in the work area.


Ergonomic chair model CXO, by Nightingale Chairs

The complement for the sitting position is the ergonomic chair for 24x7 nonstop operation environments.


Monitor supports

The aluminium brackets allow the positioning of two 27" monitors for each operator with adjustment at all levels.

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