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LAN console is a product that seeks the maximum effectiveness and balance in terms of cost-performance ratio. It is a highly robust and reliable product that provides efficient solutions for the organization of simple and highly flexible 24x7 operations environments.

LAN console is a technical solution of pure design with clean, simple lines, its main feature being the high modularity of the range, which enables the creation of various configurations in order to adapt the operator's workplace in a creative environment with modern design , without getting into excessive complications.

If you are to look for the best technical solution at the best price, the choice would certainly be the
LAN console option.

LAN Console is a technical solution which bases all its configurations on a standard structure composed of a central cable duct attached to two lateral structural stands through which the cabling can enter from the raised floor and can be distributed all along the workpost.

LAN Console cable duct enables the location of all the power, voice and data jacks required in its interior, providing for a simple and easy access either from the hinged covers integrated in the worksurface, either from the rear area of the console.

It is an accessory integrated into the structure of the console and allows the location of all the connectivity, small computer and electronic equipment, such as PC’s, SFF, KVM, and Thin Client.

The DSS allows an optimal organization of technological resources in the workplace while keeping all equipment perfectly covered and organized.

LAN console allows you to customize the number of voice, data and power sockets required and place them in different areas of the workstation, optimizing the arrangement of computer equipment and peripherals connected and increasing the security of them.

The LAN console takes special care of the cable management, providing the installer with multiple possibilities of locating power jacks, data and VGA sockets, etc. This makes LAN very flexible in terms of installation and the connection of the electronic equipment.

LAN console has been ergonomically designed according to the criteria of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, and following the standards of the UNE-EN ISO 11064 (Ergonomic design for control centers).

LAN console height regulation allows multiple positions to the operator by elevating its worksurface while keeping all the cabling management and equipment locations of the fixed LAN console

Among the many accessories available for the LAN Console workpost, the filling and partitioning ranges of solutions stand out as an excellent accessory for all the operator workposts as well as for the 24x7 environments.

All the available modules are designed in the image and resemblance of the LAN Console solution, in order to ensure a maximum integration in the environment.

At the same time, the LAN range allows the colors and finishes customization in all its accessories, seeking a greater identification with the client's corporate image.
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