DEWA: Al Ruwayyah Smart Center

New RDI project for DEWA. The Command Center, located in the Smart Grid Station (SGS) in Al Ruwayyah, Dubai, is part of DEWAs efforts to implement technologies that link smart buildings for the exchange of information, improve energy and water efficiency, and optimize renewable energy in smart cities.


DEWA is a global leader delivering innovative services & promoting sustainability, has a workforce of over 11,000 employees and manages the entire chain of electricity and water, from electricity and water production to transmission and distribution to its customers.

The Command Center uses the latest in visualization technology to deliver a real-time view of operations. The control consoles are fully integrated into the room, a 24/7 operating environment with 26 operators providing uninterrupted service.

The operating environment consists of different models of RDI consoles depending on the location and characteristics of the workstation.

For example, in the control room, the V-CONCEPT EVO model consoles have been chosen for their high storage volume and large capacity when creating multiple workstations. In the annexed rooms (office and manager's room), the LAN V2 model has been chosen for its extra space, such as drawer units and trays for office material, which are ideal for the workstations they have to deal with.

The Crisis Room is equipped with an exclusive Type A meeting table from RDI's MEETING SOLUTIONS range for 9 users. It has an oval shape and is fully equipped with retractable Arthur Holm monitors for each of the users. An AV TOTEM completes the set. It supports 2 monitors up to 55" horizontally and has wheels for easy mobility if required. 

The Command Center is organized as follows:

  • Total: 12 operators
  • Audiovisuals: LED wall 5,5 x 1,6 m.
  • Operators: 2x24"
  • 4x V-Concept EVO Console multiple concave configuration for 3 operators
  • 12x CXO ergonomic chair by Nightingale

  • Total: 4 operators
  • Audiovisuals: Operators: 2x24"
  • 2x LAN V2 Console central cable duct L:1200mm single right peninsula configuration
  • 2x LAN V2 Console central cable duct L:1200mm single left peninsula configuration
  • 4x CXO ergonomic chair by Nightingale
  • Total: 1 operator
  • Audiovisuals: Operator: 1x49"
  • 1x LAN V2 Console central cable duct L:1500mm individual peninsula configuration
  • 1x CXO ergonomic chair by Nightingale
  • Total: 9 users
  • Audiovisuals: 1 Totem AV with 2x55" monitors
  • 1x Meeting Solution Type A, oval shape for 9 operators
  • 1x AV Totem for floor support of 2 monitors up to 55 "in horizontal
  • 9x EC6 executive full leather chair by Nightingale

The rear compartments of the V-Concept EVO console ensure a large storage space for this control center, which requires extra space due to its high density of computer equipment.

The manufacturing and assembly process of all technical furniture is carried out exclusively at Roomdimensions' facilities.

All workstations are equipped with rear tecnical compartments for equipment, PC or KVM, with pull-out shelves (including space for cable routing as well as power and data sockets), individual supports for monitors up to 32", connectivity trays, wireless induction chargers, connectivity access from different points and Nightingale CXO or EC6 (in the crisis room) ergonomic chairs at each workstation. In addition, all compartments are finished with security locks to protect the equipment.