4YC: Technical solution for Video over IP management

4YC (For Your Control) is an all-in-one Command and Control Centre Solution which combines features of KVM matrix, videowall control and smart workspace.

4YC is based on the codification and decodification of all the video signals by means of a dedicated and exclusive net, having the option to visualize any of the signals fo this net directly into the work posts of the control room and over the videowall.

The 4YC platform allows each screen of the operator's workstation to be subdivided into multiple windows and to switch the keyboard and mouse dynamically, obtaining immediate control of each source.



- The 4YC platform allows the creation of as many users as desired.


-Saves the configuration of any user


-An active management of the audiovisual system of the control center can be carried out, operating directly on it through specific control software (4YC-Dsworks), whose interface is 100% customizable for each project.


-No type of external central server is required for user management.

-The installation of any type of software is not required on the equipment to be monitored.

-No extra equipment is required for signal switching.


-Possibility to control third party elements such as air conditioning, lighting, sound, curtain opening, etc.


Each of the PCs to be controlled will have as many encoder-nodes as video output signals, which are conducted via an Rj45 cable to the communications switch. At the same time, each workstation will have as many node-decoders as screens available to the user, connected to the same communications switch via Rj45 wiring in the same way.


The audiovisual system will also have, as a rule, as many node-decoders as there are screens available, unless the audiovisual model allows the interconnection of the screens in Loop-through mode, so that depending on the required resolutions, the number of node-decoder can be reduced and control down the cost of the project.


The encoder-nodes are the elements that allow the graphic image of a machine to be captured and introduced into the network so that it can be retrieved in other parts of the 4YC platform. Each graphic output of a pc, server or other possible sources, needs an encoding node that not only sends the graphic signal to other equipment through the switch, but also captures the movement of the keyboard and mouse and even the audio.


The 4YC video collaboration system allows different ways of displaying information to be configured through the operator workspace. In addition, the operator can configure his workspace according to the specific needs of the workstation. The decoding node software allows you to perform functions such as those detailed below:


+ Definition of the PCs on the platform

+ Register users / operators

+ Monitor definition on the workpost

+ Layout and scenarios definition

+ GET signal function

+ MAIN SCREEN function

+ PUSH signal function

+ PUSH over Video Wall function

+ Biometric access control

+ Dinamic previsualization of the available signals.

+ Integrated videoconference system

+ Active sound management



The DS 4YC is a graphic platform that allows the management of all the network signals and displays them on the video wall through an interface that can be custom designed and that can control different elements. The signals can come from PCs, lights, air conditioning, curtains, alarms, CCTV...

The Video wall can be controlled:


- Via wireles by means of an ipad
- Via PC by installing the DS 4YC control software.



+ User creation

+ Interface differentiation

+ Definition of the audiovisual system

+ Layout

+ Scenarios

+ Preview control

+ Sources

+ List of devices

+ Favorites

+ Autoplay

+ Environment

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