Redesign of RDIs corporate identity

RDI is committed to a change in the brand's corporate identity.

It is time for changes at RDI. This 2021 begins with the relocation to our new operations headquarters and, because of this, we also take the opportunity to make a change in the corporate identity of the brand, adapting to new trends in design and communication.


The DNA of our brand is based on innovation, experience, vanguard and technology. Through this rebranding project we have worked hard to make a lasting positive impact on our audience and, to do so, we have created a contemporary and coherent brand.


The update respects its corporate DNA without corrupting the essence of its values or altering the existing philosophy and personality. Our brand is much more than a logo, it is what people think and perceive of our company, and it involves first and foremost building that idea and keeping it intensely alive over time.

As a result of the progress and evolution of the company, we felt the need to rethink our corporate image and bet on a redesign of the brand that is in line with our current moment of expansion.

The guidelines contained in this brand manual aim to unify the different supports and achieve a homogeneous image in the communication of any message. It has been designed with the needs of all those responsible for interpreting, articulating, communicating and applying the brand in its different areas.


Thanks to its correct application we will be able not to distort the corporate image of Roomdimensions and, at the same time, to contribute to achieve the objectives of identification and reinforcement of the same. It is a team work, in which we all participate to make RDI a great brand.

The DNA of our brand is based on innovation, experience, vanguard and technology.

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