New Roomdimensions headquarters

The biggest project we have ever faced: our own global control centre.


At RDI, we are facing 2021 with more determination and ambition than ever before. We are immersed in the execution of what will be our very near future headquarters, the biggest project we have ever faced: our own global control centre.


This movement aims to strategically plan the structure over the next 10 years in order to find the right conditions to grow in a sustained and organized way and, in this way, guarantee the operation of the structure and all the people working in it.


We are creating an avant-garde and highly creative environment, in which industrial spaces are mixed with highly technological areas. In short, this environment is intended to become a meeting place where we can really show what our evolution has been and where we are heading.

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The new space will have a dimension of approximately 1500m2 divided into different functional areas that will be grouped in such a way:


Distribution of the spaces in the new RDI headquarters:


Administrative area:

Operations area / Design and marketing area / Engineering area / Meeting rooms / Multipurpose rooms / Social area / Show room


Industrial zone:

Storage area / Assembly area / Prototype area


The new environment will be an area to be visited, which will reflect how we are and how we face the projects, starting with our own.All the equipment used and shown will be our own technical solutions, so that, in a way, the new headquarters will become a great showcase where our customers will be able to analyse and test our technical solutions for control centres and critical operation environments.


Control consoles, Ergonomic solutions, Architectural solutions, Large format audiovisual solutions, KVM and video over IP management solutions will be the core of our value proposal and scope of our new corporate headquarters.


We hope to be able to inaugurate it within the first quarter of 2021.

General Management.

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