RDI: Value Chain

RDI development keys according to the application of our value chain.

RDI's value chain guarantees that each of the processes developed in every phase of the project works, optimizes and fulfills to the maximum the needs of our clients.


The pre-sales service is where the project is analyzed, the engineering equipment studies each proposal and looks for the best solution, adapting as much as possible to the technical specifications of every single project. All the necessary documentation is prepared to argue that this solution is the optimal one to adapt to each control center, incorporating it into what will be its environment thanks to virtual techniques. 

RDI customizes all the solutions adapting them to the necessary requirements of each control center.

Once the project is approved by the customer, we enter into the after-sales service. We take into account the rethinking that emerges during the whole process thanks to the joint work with the customer.

RDI's facilities are specialized in the manufacture of technical furniture for control rooms and are equipped with high-tech tools to ensure the best quality products and solutions.


Manufacturing is a key phase. Thanks to our modern facilities equipped with powerful specific equipment and high-tech tools, we are able to guarantee what is planned will be produced with the highest quality in all technological solutions for control centers.

We assemble and test any product before it is shipped to its final customer.


To facilitate installation, the products are shipped pre-assembled and carefully packed in custom-made wooden boxes to ensure that they are shipped in optimal conditions to reach any part of the world. Along with all this process, a series of documentation is generated and made available to the customer so that he knows at all times at what stage his project is at.


The result of the correct execution of all these phases is what makes us continue growing and offering the best service to each and every one of our clients.