Design and control console supply for a Cultural Centre in the Middle East

Roomdimensions will implement the design and console supply for a cultural centre in the Middle East. 


The centre is an exceptional project of hope for human interaction through art and cultural exchange with the vision to be a world-leader for multi-cultural activities, dedicating every effort to nurturing social development through art and cultural interchange.

The control room is equipped with the new LITE console, a console that has been redesigned to become a highly versatile and adaptable console.

With its formal simplicity and visual lightness, it easily fits into IT and technical environments that require an attractive solution able to optimally manage the necessary equipment and cabling of a conventional workstation.


The main element of the solution, the LITE FUNCTIONAL ARC, aims to provide high stiffness on the system, allows the distribution and management of the structured cabling and the installation of ergonomic.


The installation will soon be released and will include both technical solutions such as control consoles and auxiliary furniture as well as ergonomic ones, like specific seating (CXO by Nightingale Chairs) or articulated supports for monitors.

The control Centre is organized with the following console configurations:



Lite console straight with 1800mm functional arc.

Dimensions: 3250x850x750 mm.



Lite console individual with 1800mm functional arc.

Dimensions: 1800x850x750 mm.


Every console includes:

+ 3x Single monitor support.

+ 1x Table board connectivity spot

+ 1x Suspended compartment with connectivity.

+ 1x CXO chair.

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