Control Room for the OIL-GAS market in the Middle East

Together with Al Juraid, our partner in Saudi Arabia, Roomdimensions designs and installs technical furniture for another control room for OIL-GAS market in the Middle East to carry out data management tasks and critical operations. 

For the project, Roomdimensions has equipped the control room with the LAN console range because of its benefits. It has been created with the aim of meeting the needs of modern-day workplaces, pointing to a very clear direction: modularity, organization and robustness.


All consoles are provided with:


ELECTRONIC COMPARTMENTS: The steel sheet structure incorporates space for the PC and space with lateral and rear access for the wiring management of electronic equipment and energy and data areas. Front and rear doors made of phenolic 12mm thick and rear doors are perforated for the ventilation of the equipment. 


TRAY FOR MATERIAL: Located on the tabletop and easily accessible by the operator. Manufactured in steel sheet allows accessing to a storage bin for office material.


OFFICE DRAWER: Slim profile drawer for office material or personal storage located under the work surface and manufactured in steel sheet.


WIRELESS CHARGER: Battery chargers without wires for compatible devices placed below the work surface. A small tag in the table board allows knowing the position.


HINGED COVER: Located on the tabletop and easily accessible by the operator. Manufactured in steel sheet allows accessing to the power, data or USB sockets inside the cable duct.


CENTRAL CABLE DUCT: Made of steel and located between the feet of the console for structural purposes and cabling conduction. It houses power and data sockets and communicates directly with various equipment containers. 


TWO INDIVIDUAL SUPPORTS FOR HEAVY MONITORS: Made of aluminum profile, it allows an easy adjustment of the monitors at all levels. Holds up to 15 kg.


PHENOLIC RESIN: used in the work surfaces in 18mm thick and bevelled edges.


LED LIGHTING: In the corners and under the working table. 

ERGONOMIC CHAIR: All workposts are complemented with ergo chairs, CXO model by Nightingale. They are especially designed for 24x7 operations environments. 


CUSTOMISED PANEL: Located at the sides with the corporate image of the client.


SECURITY GADGETS: Both the racks and the DSS have key locks to offer a security bonus to avoid the use of unauthorized personnel.

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