LAN Console sit/stand in the Russian Oil-Gas Market

After an extensive period of development of the Russian market, RDI consolidates its position as a strong competitor and closes the largest contract in the history of the company in Russia. In this growth strategy, RDI projects a long-term growth where it plans to serve the control centre and adjacent environment sector.


The company's goal is to offer its range products on the Russian market and consolidate its position as a strong competitor by asserting the market with superior and competitively effective products.


The project in question is a reference case for a new control centre for the OIL-GAS sector that consists of fully customized and equipped sit/stand consoles to carry out data management and critical operation tasks.

The ergonomic requirements of Control Centres are constantly evolving, that is why the 24/7 LAN console range already has the height-adjustable option as it is a key point for improving performance. Some of the benefits of alternating sitting and standing work:


+ Reduced back pain

+ Improvement and increase in physical and emotional well-being

+ Productivity increase

+ Reduction of cardiovascular risks



Located on the table top and easily accessible by the operator. Manufactured in steel sheet allows accessing to a storage bin for office material.

WIRELESS CHARGER: Battery chargers without wires for compatible devices placed below the work surface. A small tag in the table board allows knowing the position.

HINGED COVER: Located on the table top and easily accessible by the operator. Manufactured in steel sheet allows accessing to the power, data or USB sockets inside the cable duct.

OFFICE DRAWER: Slim profile drawer for office material storage located under the work surface and manufactured in steel sheet.

ELECTRONIC COMPARTMENT: It serves to store the PCs of the operators. The structure in steel sheet incorporates space for the PC and a space with lateral and rear access for the wiring management of electronic equipment and energy and data areas. Inner capacity of 188x580x452 (h) mm. It is possible to put a shelves or extraible shelves.Front and rear doors made of phenolic 12mm thick finish 077 charcoal grey. Rear door perforated for the ventilation of the equipment. All doors includes a security key.


SINGLE HEAVY MONITOR SUPPORT: Made of aluminum profile, it allows an easy adjustment of one monitors at all levels. Holds up to 15 kg.


WORK SURFACES: Made of compact phenolic resin, 18mm thick. White finish 085. Bevelled edges with LED lighting.


CENTRAL CABLE DUCT: Made of steel and located between the feet of the console for structural purposes and cabling conduction. It houses power and data sockets and communicates directly with various equipment containers.


ERGONOMIC CHAIR. All workposts are complemented with ergo chairs, CXO model by Nightingale. They are specially for 24x7 operations environments. Fabrics, fibers and mechanisms finished in black.

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