Control room for the Saudi Telecom regulator

Roomdimensions was commissioned to develop in Riyadh a reference project for the Saudi telecommunication regulator. The mission of the control room is to maintain the security of data at the organization. It requires that the operatively must be 24/7. To cover this uninterrupted activity, there are three shifts of operators who rotate on the same workplace, so it must be ergonomically adaptable to the needs of each operator.

All the areas contemplate solutions designed and developed specifically for this operating environment. The SOC area (Security Operations Centre) has been provided by V-CONCEPT consoles whereas the annexed spaces are equipped with the LAN console range of products.


1. SOC & Meeting room 12 operators
AUDIOVISUALS: Operators: 2x 24", Supervisor: 2x 24", Videowall SOC: 6m x 1,75m led screen, Videowall MT: 1x 65" screen

2. Forensics Lab. & 3. SOC Lab 2+2 Operators
AUDIOVISUALS: Operators: 1x 24"

4. Offices – Females 8 Operators
AUDIOVISUALS: Operators: 1x 24"

5. Offices 6 Operators
AUDIOVISUALS: Operators: 1x 24"

6. Offices (x4) 3+3+3+3 Operators
AUDIOVISUALS: Operators: 1x 24"

F1 F2