D.G.T. Zaragoza Control Room

Roomdimensions, RDI, has fully equipped the new control centre of the DGT located in Zaragoza, Spain. The project is based on the organization of all the workstations in the main control room and the crisis room, contemplating solutions designed and developed specifically for this operating environment, as well as the audiovisual TOTEMs for each of the operators.

The project has implemented the range of KOMPAS console technical furniture for the workstations, which has allowed for an excellent distribution of space and perfect creation of the workplace for each of the operators.

Each workstation has been equipped with its cable management system, equipment connectivity elements, personal use connectivity, archive elements, CXO ergonomic seating, articulated supports to manage the screens and cabinets to house the computer equipment.

Scope of the project

-6x operating stations.

-6x audiovisual totems complementary to the operating stations.

-4x administrative stations.

-1x supervisor station.

-1 crisis room with a meeting console for 12 users

-Archive modules.

F1 F2

Kompas console is a control console concept that aims to bring a high degree of technology to 24x7 operating environments by using simple, visually lightweight work systems and focusing efforts on providing maximum added value to the user. 

It has a large electronics module to house computer equipment as well as electrical outlets and a patchpanel with 8 rj45 sockets. The functional arc allows an excellent management and manipulation of the wiring.



Each operator has an AV totem that houses a 55" Samsung ME55C monitor. This is equipped with a 9-pin strip and a patch panel with 8 rj45 data sockets where the equipment in the compartment and the totem monitor itself are connected. The metal structure is prepared for cable management so that the wiring is not visible from the outside at any case. 

The 19" compartments are fully interconnected, allowing the cabling to pass freely from one to another. The cable inlet from the technical floor moves along the sides and reaches the trays that support the computer equipment.



The main feature of this meeting table is the functional arc, which allows the total management of the cabling as well as the support of the board.

It has two connection units located in the work area, accessible to all users. It can be customised both in terms of finishes and the application of the control centre's corporate image.

Zaragoza's traffic management is operational 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and has the most modern technologies in the field of supervision and control to manage more than 1600 mi of road network.