New meeting solutions for executive board rooms

The new Polyhedron Meeting Console responds to the need for collaborative spaces, creating a well-equipped, comfortable space outside of the control room, a must at any workspace. Critical decisions will be made around it, or major tasks will be assigned to operators while sitting there. So, our aim is to offer you the best option that suits your control room.

The structure has a Polyhedral design that will catch all eyes. Half of the surface is slanted downwards and a lighting system is incorporated in the rear zone.

The interior of the structure is an open space fully communicated and accessible through removable panels where the wiring flows continuously from operator to operator. Moreover, each user has a connectivity spot in the work surface fully customizable by modules and hidden under a hinged steel cover.


The console integrates Arthur Holm motorised screens that hide vertically inside the table top when closed. 

The table is made of compact phenolic resin but can be personalized with a diversity of finishes and materials as well as the number of users or configurations. This means that the structure is designed to be totally adaptable to any space.

The meeting table can be customized with multiple finishes according to the design of the environment. 

The customer's corporate image can also be applied over the slanted surface. The finish can be glossy with elegant LED stripes all across the surface. Whatever it may be, will not leave anyone indifferent.

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