Meeting Solutions for rooms annexed to control centres

RDI manufactures the most advanced and innovative meeting solutions to be implemented in any Control Room or Non-Stop Environment with all the necessary accessories to control and integrate multimedia elements to make easy the actions to the desition makers. Hidden cabling management, Pop up and electronic screens, connectivity spots in the work surface and a huge range of elements to define our system like a High Tech Solutions.

Meeting room environments implemented by RDI:

Dubai Police, AL-FAQQA

This Dubai Police Crisis Room is equipped with a meeting console for 21 users Type A Wave finish by RDI.

Its closed structure lets the cabling go through all the work posts uninterrupted and the cabling management is easy thanks to accessible covers located all along the table. The console includes connectivity spots, wireless chargers and 21 EC6 executive chairs by the Canadian brand 



RTA (Roads & Transport Authority), Dubai


The meeting room for the RTA Control Room is equipped for 15 users. This amazing table counts with a folding monitor for each user, an induction charger, and connectivity spots. The center of the table is closed with a board covered in 4mm thick glass and colours are totally customised.


The wiring management and accessibility to the connectivity is simple, all the structure is comunicated, so the cabling can go through all the work posts uniterrupted. Also, the structure has space to house all the equipment.



MOPM (Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources), Saudi Arabia


RDI has equipped the Executive Meeting Room for the MOPM located in Saudí Arabia. The room counts with a large meeting table for 25 users. This huge structure counts with a folding monitor for each user, integrated microphones on the same structure, induction charger and connectivity spots with energy, data, USB, VGA, HDMI and in/out audio sockets.


Also, every work post has an ergonomic Premium Executive KHROMA chair by the Canadian manufacturer Nightingale, finished in full leather, natural color.



KNPC (Kuwait National Petroleum Company)

A stunning meeting desk furnished for the KNPC in Kuwait, counts with all the required resources to perform executive meetings. RDI has implemented the Type A Wave Shape to meet the needs of such an environment.


Among other features, the desk counts with foldable monitors for each user and a connectivity unit. Internally, the structure offers trays all along the console to lead the cabling. The structure has an extra space in the center with the aim to store electronic equipment. 23 full leather executive chairs by Nightingale, finish the set.



PRASARANA Control Room, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


The meeting room for PRASARANA, a public transport operator in Malaysia, is equipped for 23 users. The solution belongs to the CRAE console range and so, it has been designed for environments that require a high quality product with a great capacity for technological integration.


The structure counts with 23 connectivity units, one for each user, with power, data, USB, RJ45 and VGA sockets, a folding monitor for each user and an induction charger, all accessible from the work post. The triangular section is made of high quality steel sheet and allows cabling conduction through the interior. The internal side is fully covered by perforated covers to help ventilation of the equipment. The work surface is finished with compact phenolic resin totally customised for the client.



BOCC Saudi Arabia

This crisis room, which is annexed to a control room, has the capacity to manage emergency or critical situations.


It is equipped with a meeting console for 17 users Type A by RDI. Its open structure ensures a perfect cabling management since it's really easy to access the covers located all along the table. The console includes connectivity spots and 17 ergo chairs by the Canadian brand Nightingale.


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