Control Centre for the National Railway Company PRASARANA in Malaysia

In collaboration with Indra, Roomdimensions was commissioned to fully equipment for the new PRASARANA Control Room for the High speed Railway, located in Malaysia.  This cooperation has given the opportunity to RDI to designed the fully environment, including all the architectural works and decorative elements, and designing and manufacturing a specific control console 100% customized to the INDRA’s requirement and customer needs.


PRASARANA (Syarikat Prasarana Negara Berhad), the public company responsible for the modernization of the public transport system in Malaysia and the operator of different lines in the country.

The control center manages operational planning, traffic regulation and real-time train circulation monitoring subsystems and allow the remote monitoring and optimisation of the rolling stock and staff schedules. It also provides assistance during strategic decision-making processes and a statistical scorecard.

This project is based on a new concept of control room environment, where the consoles are adapted to the INDRA’s technology used in the Railway market, offering a solution totally new, unique and with a high quality and the perfect ergonomic to the operator, guaranteeing a perfect view over the personal audiovisual system and the general information appear on the videowall.

The project scope includes:


The new control centre has a room equipped for 22 operator positions provided with a large videowall that displays the operation of the lines. Also, a crisis room with a 23 users meeting room and a 3x2 videowall, video surveillance room and maintenance room.


Project Design & Management | i-Console Workpost | File Drawers | Printer Modules | Ergo Solutions | CXO Chairs | Videowall Decorative Panels | Methalic Colums Covering | Led Lighting System.


The main solution deployed for the management and organization of the 24x7 environment was the i-Console, a custom-made technical workpost, designed especially for INDRA, combining a high-level performant design with the most advanced technological features in what regards cable management, connectivity and location of the computer equipment. 


The i-Console is a new concept of technical furniture for the organization of control centers or 24x7 operating environments. Highly technological and with an entirely new aesthetic design, the I- Console aims at becoming a benchmark for the organization of technical work environments, differing completely from the traditional concept of control console or technical work environments, and moreover, situates itself as a technological reference that perfectly combines the functionality required in a workstation of high performance, with the beauty and design of a product intended for environments of high added value.

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