Implementation of a BARCO Video Wall for the T-Mobilitat Control Center in Barcelona

RDI implements the audiovisual system of the new T-Mobilitat control centre in Barcelona Based on the BARCO ODL 721 solution in 4x2 format. It combines the NSD 410/210 electronics together with the CMS (Control Management Suite) audiovisual management solution that provides high flexibility to configure the content to be managed in the Video Wall.


The T-Mobilitat project depends on the ATM (Autoridad del Transporte Metropolitano de Barcelona) and it is based on a new system that will enable passengers to make a personalised calculation of the price of public transport. In other words, the amount users will pay will depend upon their transport routines, the kilometres they cover and the frequency with which they use public transport.

The new system will also allow for rebates for users who use public transport more frequently and lower prices to discourage the use of private vehicles in the event of episodes of air pollution.

Together with the audiovisual system, RDI has implemented the solution for integrating it into the control room, which is based on a corporate paneling system manufactured in HPL, allowing the whole system to be embellished, guaranteeing perfect access to the rear of the system for maintenance tasks.

This system is based on a modular composition of mobile panels that allow access at all times to perform maintenance tasks.

It is a structure made of 40x40 aluminium profiles, 100% adaptable to all measurements and conditions of the space where it is installed. The external coverings are custom-made in compact phenolic resin of 10mm thickness. The paneling can be totally customized according to the corporate image of the environment, as well as the color of the led lighting in the lower area.