Bezel-less tiled LCD video wall: BARCO UNISEE 500cd/m2 - 800cd/m2

55" bezel-less tiled LCD video wall platform for controlled ambient light applications.

The award-winning Barco UniSee platform takes a completely new approach to truly seamless LCD video walls. Redesigning and optimizing every component, Barco UniSee is not only a step forward in terms of image quality, but also in installation precision, ease-of-servicing, and reliability. Barco UniSee 500, which offers typical brightness levels of 500 cd/m², is designed for use in environments with controlled ambient lighting conditions. It complements the model Barco UniSee, with its typical brightness of 800 cd/m².

- Bezel-less design with NoGap technology at 800 cd/m²

- Mounting structure with automatic alignment

- Sense X automatic and continuous calibration

- Fastest servicing and diagnosing

- Modular, future-proof platform

Bezel-less viewing experience, innovative mounting system 

Barco UniSee's bezel-less design, which makes the inter-tile gap barely noticeable, finally makes it possible to spread content over multiple tiles without the interruption of a disturbing black border. In order to guarantee the smallest possible gap without damaging the panels' edges, Barco has created the UniSee Mount. This revolutionary mounting structure uses the power of gravity to perfectly and automatically align panels – and keep them in place over time. What's more, UniSee Mount also eases maintenance efforts, allowing swift undocking of separate panels.


Sense X, automatic real-time calibration for perfect uniformity

Sense X, the automatic, continuous and real-time color and brightness calibration system, ensures that the complete wall gives a perfectly balanced image at all times. What’s more, Barco has also re-engineered the design of the panels to counter all possible variations in brightness from the center to the edges.


Roomdimensions (RDI) features a specific system of fixing and paneling for BARCO's UNISEE LCD wall displays.

This system is based on a modular composition of mobile panels that allow access at all times to perform maintenance tasks.

It is a structure made of 40x40 aluminium profiles, 100% adaptable to all measurements and conditions of the space where it is installed. The external coverings are custom-made in compact phenolic resin of 10mm thickness. The paneling can be totally customized according to the corporate image of the environment, as well as the color of the led lighting in the lower area. 


The panels are adapted to the installation and maintenance of the BARCO UNISEE system, that means that they can be folded or removed depending on the needs of each case or the design of the set.

The videowall is anchored to the structure to avoid the irregularities of the wall, always achieving an excellent placement.

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