RDI, responsible for the renovation of the ergonomic seating in all ADIF control room in Spain.

Roomdimensions will renovate a total of 650 ergonomic chairs of the Canadian brand Nightingale within 3 years in all ADIF control room.

ADIFthe Administrator of Railway Infrastructures, is the entity responsible for Spain's railway infrastructure (tracks, stations, freight terminals, etc.) and railway traffic management. The control of the entire rail network is managed from its command posts throughout Spain.

Roomdimensions is renewing all the ergonomic seating of these posts. Within three years, approximately 650 units will be replaced. The scope of the project includes the distribution, assembly and removal of the obsolete models.

The model of the ergonomic chair proposed by Roomdimensions is the CXO from Nightingale, a Canadian Brand capable to adapt to the demanding 24x7 command post.

This model of ergonomic chair is specially designed to guarantee a high degree of comfort to the operator, mainly in 24x7 operating environments. It is manufactured with state-of-the-art materials that facilitate a perfect adaptation to the human body. In addition, the dynamic adjustments available allow the regulation of all the components in contact with the human body, guaranteeing a perfect position of the operator at all times.

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To deal with product distribution, RDI applies a control system based on the 7 keys of logistics to make it as effective and efficient as possible:

1. Correct product available. Being exclusive distributors of Nightingale in Europe guarantees us the supply of product at all times.

2. We provide ourselves with the right quantities by maintaining an adequate stock level that allows us to supply product when our client ADIF needs it.

3. Correct conditions. We take care of the transport and storage of the material, avoiding any damage and maintaining at all times its original packaging.

4. Thanks to proper storage, we can maximize efficiency and facilitate the work of finding and locating the right Our aim is to meet deadlines and reduce delivery time.

5. Right time. Meet deadlines and reduce delivery time as much as possible.

6. Our business model is aimed at the right customer segment, therefore, our processes are organized in such a way that we put our product in the customer's hands at the right time and place.

7. Correct cost. We look for the logistics solutions that give us the greatest advantages in terms of costs, without renouncing the quality and conditions of our product.