New control center for the financial sector in Saudi Arabia.

The technical furniture for a new control center for the financial sector is traveling to its destination point in Saudi Arabia.
The new control center, which is being set up specifically for an important Enterprise Group of the Saudi Financial market, is configured with the last generation of V-CONCEPT consoles. The Project consists of a set of consoles for multi-operators. Every workpost includes monitor supports, table board access cover to connectivity, rear doors to access the internal compartment, back panel to hide the cabling, wireless charger and a CXO ergo chair.
The V-CONCEPT console is a control room console concept designed to be a high technological solution for 24x7 operation environments with fine and visually simple workstation systems in order to deliver high added value to the operators.

It has been specially designed for emergency centers, railways, airports, traffic control rooms, crisis rooms, command control and/or any other 24x7 environment where it is required added value solutions intended to fit in these areas.
V-CONCEPT performs very well in workplaces with multiple operators as its structure allows a non-interruptive communication along the configuration through the cable trays. This concept is reinforced with its 2 lateral compartments, designed to separate different cabling like data, energy, etc.

It is a simple, intuitive concept console with high standards in technological features and design. Well designed to respect the ergonomics and ensure the correct location of every device commonly needed in these environments. V-CONCEPT is able to solve every important aspect creating cutting-edge technical spaces.
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