Consoles shipment for a new control room for the financial sector in Israel.

A new control room for the Israeli financial market will be soon set up. Our consoles are ready for shipment. 
The new control room has been configured with the latest generation of LAN V2 consoles. Lan Console is a product that seeks the maximum effectiveness and balance in terms of cost-performance ratio. It is a highly robust and reliable product that provides efficient solutions for the organization of simple and highly flexible 24x7 operations environments.

LAN v2 features

· High capacity.

· The console houses itself all the required equipment.
· Connectivity: easy to customize voice, data & power sockets in different areas of the workstation optimizing security.
· Space for personal storage.

The project consists of 3 areas:

· NOC / SOC ROOM (6x operator console, 2 filling modules & videowall)
· MANAGER’S ROOM (1x console with peninsula)
· CONTROL ROOM (4x operator console)

Our internal verification process checks that all parts comply with quality protocols. In addition, to complete the manufacturing process, all consoles are assembled and disassembled before leaving our facilities to verify that all parts are perfectly fitted.