Stage 1 of installing a new air navigation Control Centre in Spain is currently underway.

Roomdimensions has started the first stage of installing the technical furniture for an innovative control center dedicated to civil air navigation and airport management in Spain. This project is essential for enhancing efficiency, safety, and ergonomics in daily air traffic control operations, ensuring that each component of the furniture meets advanced technological requirements and provides an optimal working environment for air operators.

RDI ensures that the installation meets the highest standards and offers continuous support for adapting to future needs and incorporating new technologies.

Design and Planning: Adaptation to Specific needs 


RDI performs detailed planning of all steps, taking into account the specific needs of each control centre.


This includes space evaluation, workstation configuration, and the integration of technological equipment such as monitors, video walls, meeting rooms, ergonomic seating or auxiliary furniture. The arrangement must maximize visibility and access to critical information while minimizing distractions and promoting ergonomics.

Ergonomy and Comfort: Non-Stop Operations Guarantee


Since air operators work long shifts under high pressure, the technical furniture that RDI offers is ergonomically designed to provide comfort and prevent possible fatigue and distractions.


This involves the selection of adjustable seating and consoles that allow for fluent movements and proper posture. In addition, adequate lighting and space acoustics are considered to create an optimal working environment.

Technological Integration: Inclusion of advanced communication and monitoring systems


Today's control centres require a robust technological infrastructure. The furniture proposed by RDI efficiently integrates monitoring and control systems without interfering with operability.


This includes multi-monitor workstations, organized cabling systems and modular solutions that allow for easy upgrading and maintenance of IT equipment.

Installation: Accuracy and Expertise


Roomdimensions' specialized staff carries out the assembly and configuration of each component, ensuring that everything is correctly installed and works according to industry standards. This process previously includes the assembly in our facilities of all the material to verify that everything works correctly. 


Once the project is completed, Roomdimensions offers ongoing support services to accommodate possible workstation expansions, or new technologies and operational needs.

Roomdimensions is recognized for its customized design, commitment to ergonomics and comfort, and ability to integrate advanced technology efficiently.