4YC VOIP: All-in-one solution for Control Centres using Video over IP technology.

RDI offers a solution for control centres that enables the management of video sources both on the operators' screens and on the video wall, allowing keyboard and mouse control.

4YC VOIP is an all-in-one Command & Control Centre Solution which combines features of KVM matrix, video wall control and smart workspace.

The solution does not require a server, the equipment itself manages user and source permissions.


No need to use distribution matrix, the nodes themselves, connected in a dedicated network, distribute the signals to the workstations and video walls.


The simplification of equipment reduces the cost and complexity of the installation, reducing critical points.


There is no limitation in terms of users and sources in the system, the flexibility and scalability is maximum.


Flexible workstation configuration that eases visualization and operation in the handling of multiple fonts by simply controlling them with the movement of the mouse.


4YC DS as a customizable graphic platform that allows the control of the sources on the video wall.

RDI works on projects, focusing on the needs of each control centre to determine how 4YC can adapt and respond to specific requirements.

In conjunction with the client, an analysis is made of the necessary fonts, resolutions, touch systems and other technical factors that may influence the operation.

The necessary tests and proofs of concept are performed to ensure that the solution fits perfectly to the requirements of the project and system updates that may be necessary. During the start-up and afterwards, we provide support to ensure the success of the project and the customer's satisfaction.

Latest projects implemented by RDI with 4YC VOIP:

F1 F2
F1 F2

1.- Mutua Madrileña Control Centre
2.- Navantia Control Centre
3.- University of Hail Control Centre
4.- Euskotren Command Centre

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