4YC: The family grows

In Roomdimensions we are constantly working to offer our customers technological solutions for control rooms that cover all areas of daily operations in their environments. That is why we are growing our 4YC family to add new lines to complement the existing ones.

The 4YC product range is divided into three separate lines based on the functionalities and devices used:

4YC V.O.I.P.

Solution based on the encoding and decoding of video, keyboard and mouse signals through a dedicated network.

F1 F2

Management of users and permissions on the sources to be controlled / viewed |
IP camera viewing |  Signal sharing | Biometric access |
Video conferencing system | Source audio management | Integration of other room devices |




Web platform for the management of control center information based on modules with separate license to adapt to projects.

| User and permissions management | Device and environment management |
Interaction with the console elements | 

| Information management | Integration with audiovisual management systems |
Internal API available Integration of third-party systems |


Manage remotely from any device and in a centralized way the components of the console.

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