Renovation of the ANACOM Monitoring and Control Centre in Porto.

Strategic project with the cooperation of Casa Serras. Without their work and relationship, nothing about it could have been possible. Casa Serras and Roomdimensions Ibérica, S.L. is the best option for the Portuguese Control room market.


The implementation of new approaches in ANACOM’s activities has led to the need for changes in layout and furniture, as well as new technical equipment solutions, as a result of which the renovation of this centre, created in 1995, sought to:

+ Reorganise spaces and work stations.
+ Modernise facilities and technical furniture.
+ Implement new technical solutions.

Thus, the new SMCC provides:


+ Better use of the available area.

+ Extended flexibility, in view of the variations required with technological development.

+ A favourable environment for 24-hour shift work.

+ Reduced fatigue among employees when performing their tasks.

+ In operational terms, the changes implemented have contributed decisively to the success of the implementation of new technologies.

With this project, ROOMDIMENSIONS consolidates the integration of state-of-the-art technologies, creating conditions that ensure more and different supervisory and monitoring as well as other activities associated with the supervisory duties performed by this Authority.