RDI increases its production capacity to meet growing market demand.

RDI actively responds to the market's changing needs by increasing its production capacity. To this end, RDI invests in infrastructure, acquiring more advanced machinery, and implementing innovative technologies to optimize production processes. In addition, RDI is improving operational efficiency and supply chain management to ensure a steady flow of materials and timely delivery of finished products to customers.

Efficiency in the production of technical furniture for control rooms involves not only the number of units that can be produced, but also the ability to adapt to the particular specifications of each customer.

The constant improvement of the production and logistics process is essential to meet the demands of a continuously evolving market. In addition, Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) takes on significant importance as it ensures that each piece of furniture complies with the rigorous standards of functionality and durability required for use in critical control and monitoring environments. These tests not only ensure the quality of the final product, but also provide peace of mind to the customer by demonstrating RDI's commitment to excellence at every stage of the manufacturing process.

Coordination between the different departments is essential to ensure operational efficiency and final product quality. The design department works closely with the engineering department to develop products that meet the customer's technical requirements and specifications, while ensuring that they are ergonomic and functional for use in continuous operating environments. Logistics plays a crucial role in this process, coordinating the procurement of materials, transportation and distribution of the finished product.

RDI's facilities are specialized in the manufacture of technical furniture for control rooms and are equipped with high-tech tools to ensure the best quality products and solutions.

We perform rigorous inspections throughout the manufacturing process, ensuring that each part meets established standards before it is shipped to the customer. Interdepartmental coordination guarantees that RDI can deliver high quality products in a timely manner and meet the needs of our customers in the control center industry.