New NOC for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) in Kuwait.

RDI develops the new NOC for the Kuwait MOFA, a site endowed with the best technological solutions for continuous operations environments.


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) of Kuwait is the government department responsible for handling the country's foreign relations and diplomatic affairs. It is the primary institution through which Kuwait conducts its interactions with other nations and international organizations.

The MOFA plays a crucial role in formulating Kuwait's foreign policy, representing the country's interests abroad, and maintaining diplomatic relations with other countries.

The NOC project developed by RDI, is the central location from which network administrators and technicians can monitor, manage, and maintain MOFA's network infrastructure.

The primary purpose of the NOC is to ensure the smooth and efficient operation of the network, identify and resolve any network-related issues, and proactively address potential problems to minimize downtime and disruptions.

The technical furniture provided by RDI is organized as follows:

Control Room:

+ 2 triple consoles for 3 operators arranged linearly.

+ 1 double console for two operators also arranged linearly.

+ Auxiliary filing furniture and ergonomic CXO chairs for all operators.
Supervisor Office:

+ 1 individual console with peninsula for the supervisor. Auxiliary filing furniture and ergonomic CXO chair.

All consoles in this operating environment belong to the V-CONCEPT range, based on a simple, dynamic, lightweight and minimalist design. The design of the structure is totally modular, with all its elements integrated into its characteristic "V" shape in section. This allows the creation of multiple posts where communication between the different operators is facilitated.


+ Clean design lines with HPL covers around the structure.
+ Two main connectivity areas: Table board zone for the operator and sides for equipment.
+ Easy modularity that maximize the creation of multiple work posts with full cabling communication.
+ Rear compartment with doors to create a specific space for each operator.
+ Easy and easy monitor placing in the cable duct.