New Training Room for CITC (Communications & Information Technology Commission) in Saudi Arabia

CITC Government Agency relies on Roomdimensions to develop its Training Room in Saudi Arabia.


CITC is a non-profit joint innovation center that develops packaging and integration technology for chips to provide solutions to societal challenges. Their mission is to protect consumers, promote investment, and safeguard competition in order to ensure reliable communications services and innovative digital technologies.

They are responsibile to enable an innovative communications infrastructure, while ensuring that services provided within the Kingdom meet the accessibility, performance, fairness and value standards that they set.

For this project, the customer has relied on Roomdimensions for the development of this Training Room, which has consoles of the LITE v2 range that fits perfectly into technological environments that require an attractive product capable of optimally managing the necessary equipment of a conventional workstation.

The LITE v2 console features excellent cable management, connectivity in the operator's work area, high-capacity compartments for placing computer equipment, inductive charging system for mobile devices, and customized sides with the corporate image. In addition, all workstations are complemented with ergonomic chairs model CXO of the Canadian brand Nightingale Chairs.

Roomdimensions develops fully customized projects adapted to the specific requirements for each control center

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