Israel Police Framework: 3 new control rooms on the way.

Within the framework agreement between Roomdimensions and Israel Police for the upgrading of several control centers over a two-year period, RDI is already planning the implementation of three new projects: Mardam 100, Mahoz Hof and Mashlat Sikol Lod control rooms.


Three of them have already been remodeled and the next three will be completed shortly. The project includes the supply of control consoles, ergonomic seating, audiovisual supports, meeting tables for the crisis rooms and specific auxiliary furniture.


The project framework includes several improvements to the existing infrastructure in order to provide operators with the highest level of efficiency in the management of systems in a non-stop environment such as ISRAEL POLICE. 

The LAN range has been the starting point for the development of the consoles, which have been totally adapted and customized according to the requirements and needs of the operators. Based on these improvements, all the versions have been developed in terms of configuration for one or several operators, opposite, liftable, meeting tables, etc.

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A study has been elaborated that contemplates a standard of concepts, practices and criteria that analyze a particular problem and that serves as a reference to solve and improve various technical aspects of the same. As a result of this study, it has been concluded to apply the following characteristics to the control consoles: 

Specific features for consoles corresponding to ISRAEL POLICE control centers:

  • Vertical divider for more privacy.
  • Easy access to all connectivity from the technical floor through the compartments to the operator.
  • DSS (Device Support System) located at the rear to place small electronic equipment with power sockets.
  • Monitor supports with adjustment at all levels.
  • Corporate image applied on the sides with LED lighting.
  • Wireless battery chargers at each workstation.
  • Drawer module for office material and documentation with space in the back for cable management.
  • All doors have key lock and are perforated to facilitate ventilation.
  • Lift-up consoles
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In addition, the day-to-day operations of users require consoles with high levels of demand. Therefore, all consoles developed by RDI are characterized by the following features:

  • High-quality, sustainable and low-maintenance materials.
  • High-tech solutions ready to manage cabling infrastructure and connectivity.
  • Quick and simple access to the infrastructure without disturbing the operator.
  • Different zones with connectivity for equipment.
  • Integration of ergonomic elements to improve the user's daily comfort.
  • Efficient cable management.
  • Ability to create multiple configurations.
  • Designed according to international control room standards.
  • Maximum functionality with the latest integrated technology.
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