RDI partner INTERMARK SISTEMI inaugurates showroom in Milano, Italy.

Our Italian partner Intermark Sistemi's showroom in Milan is now officially open!

This demo space is the result of a long team work carried out with the aim of creating a meeting point dedicated to technological innovation and to show all the products that Intermark represents, among them, the technological solutions for control rooms by Roomdimensions.


The complexity of combining the daily needs of the office with those of the showroom became a real challenge during the planning phase to achieve coherence between the different types of lighting, speakers and audio/video sources, the visualisation on video walls and LED screens, the management of two rooms connected to the system and the creation of a meetingroom and a controlroom.


In the showroom, there are different Roomdimensions products on display: In the control room area there is a LAN model console, which has a maximum balance in terms of cost-performance ratio. It is a highly robust and reliable product, which provides solutions for organising simple and highly flexible 24x7 operating environments.


In the boardroom area there is a spectacular meeting table for 7 users with the most advanced technology in videoconferencing systems: video cameras, microphones and retractable speakers ready for video conferencing, 3 motorised 22" retractable monitors integrated into the structure, all from Arthur Holm, leader in products that provide meeting and conference rooms with silent, ergonomic, innovative and aesthetic solutions that blend in with the furniture.

We invite you to visit this innovative showroom and test all our products live