Implementation of a new audiovisual system in the ETAP Control Center (Tarragona, Spain).

The project is based on the renovation of the audiovisual and management infrastructure for the control center of the Potable Water Treatment Plant (ETAP) located in l'Ampolla, Spain.


Roomdimensions has been in charge of the renovation of the audiovisual system of the control center to adapt it in size to the new distribution required by the Consorci d'Aigues de Tarragona. In addition, it has been used to upgrade the monitors of the room to a current technology that provides higher performance. 


The 4YC system has also been integrated for the management of the control center signals and adjusts to the new way of working in the control room and the number of workstations. The proposed 4YC solution is flexible, easy to install and scalable in number of equipment.


  • Barco UniSee Audiovisual system. 55" bezel-less tiled LCD video wall platform.

  • Audiovisual partition to hold the audiovisual system with corporate paneling.
  • 4YC Audiovisual management system (VOIP) to control the signals from the control center both in the video walls and in the workstations.
  • 49" widescreen monitors
  • 27" monitors 
  • Articulated supports for monitors

The 4YC video collaboration system allows different ways of displaying information to be configured through the operator's workspace or from an iPad.


4YC is a solution for IP-based KVM Video Collaboration System control centers.

Allows different ways of displaying information to be configured through the operator's workspace or via iPad.



The DS 4YC is a graphical platform that allows the management of all network signals and displays them on the videowall through an interface that can be custom designed and can control different elements. The signals can be pc's, lighting, air conditioning, curtains, alarms, CCTV ...  


The videowall can be monitored:

- Via wireles through an iPad
- Via PC through DS 4YC App

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