Contract awarded for the remodeling of 4 new Command Centers for Euskotren.

The joint venture between RDI and INSITEL has been awarded the contract for the upgrading of 4 Euskotren Command Centers located in the stations of Vitoria, Araso, Amara and Lebario, Euskadi (Spain).


EUSKOTREN is the leading transport operator in the Basque Country (Spain) and transports more than 30 million people every year.

These Command Centers are destined to control rail traffic and, for this purpose, functional factors have been taken into account by incorporating the Kompas control console range and specific CXO seating for non-stop operating environments.

The scope of the project includes control consoles for operators and supervisors, auxiliary technical furniture, ergonomic CXO seating and supports for monitors and mean the continuation of the first of the Command Center that Roomdimensions already developed for EUSKOTREN in the ATXURI train station, Bilbao (Spain) in 2021.


The Command Centers of the Vitoria, Araso, Amara and Lebario stations will be equipped with the KOMPAS console model, a new control console concept that aims to offer a high technological value to 24x7 operating environments, providing maximum added value to the operator. It is a high-end solution with excellent technical features, whose main objectives are the organization of all the necessary technology in the workstation, the optimization and management of structured cabling and the connectivity of the equipment to the electrical and data networks.

The Kompas consoles in the control centre are equipped with excellent technical performance, having as main objective the organization of all the necessary technology in the operator's workplace, as well as the optimization and management of the structured cabling, while enabling to easily connect the equipment to the power and data networks.