Secursat SOC: A technological HUB in the heart of Milan

Much more than a control room, a real Technological Hub, born as an innovative concept that is used both for security monitoring and as a showroom in the heart of Milan: it is the SECURSAT SOC – Security Operations Center – developed in partnership with our partner in Italy.


Secursat was founded as an outsourcing of the banking sector with the aim of managing traditional security systems through the network, not only for the financial sector but also for retail, industrial and real estate.

Talking about security means managing risks, that is, monitoring thousands of sites and managing big data from installations around the whole world to ensure the protection of jobs, buildings and in general of all the assets of Secursat customers.

The project of the control room required an uncompromising technological approach, capable of looking simultaneously at functionality, performance, reliability and ergonomics. Without forgetting that the Secursat SOC is certified in accordance with the European Standard EN 50518, which regulates the structural, performance and organizational aspects of an Operations Center.

We have imagined an open environment without limits or borders to better represent the openness to new technologies and new risk scenarios, remaining loyal to the values that have always guided us, those of an ethical and sustainable business.

The challenge

The challenge was therefore as demanding as fascinating, and the choice fell on the best brands in the control room sector: Roomdimensions (RDI) for the operator consoles, VUWALL for the management of the room’s videowalls, AMX for the centralized control based on touch panels and ALFATRON (now JOSAWA) for the distribution of signals, based upon both copper and fiber cables.

The best technological solutions on the market have been provided in order to build an innovative control room model.

The Operator Consoles

Secursat has chosen our LITE rage of consoles, essential and equipped with every technical detail to ensure maximum installation and operational functionality: robust supporting structure, predefined cable routes, housings for technologies, access from anywhere, rack spaces with patches for power supplies and network, drawers for stationery, complete connectivity on the work surface, wireless charging of personal devices, colored LEDs and backlit logo. 

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