New project to equip a conference room for a Saudi multinational company

RDI equips the new conference room for a Saudi Arabian oil company. The operational environment is equipped with several of the solutions proposed by RDI such as a meeting table Type A and a smart podium.

RDI offers global control center management thanks to cutting-edge consoles and high-quality ergonomic products.


The Meeting Table has a convex configuration and it is configured for 13 users. All work posts are equipped with inductive charging points for cell phones. In addition, the table has 7 connectivity areas, 2 equipment compartments and 5 DSS (Device Support System). Each work post is provided with an ECS full leather executive chair.


The Smart Podium  is a working point raised above its surroundings with the aim to locate a speaker. It contains all the necessary elements to carry out a speaking, a meeting or a conference, such as a place to house a small pc, integration of a screen in the work surface, different connectivity points or place for office supplies. The cabling management has proven its added value.




-Eizo 24" monitor integrated with retractable surface.

-Hinged cover with access to the structure and connexions.

-Space for office supplies.

-Connexion set can be customized with several connectors such as HDM, VGA, 3.5mm sound, USB, Power and rj45 data.

-Storage for keyboard and mouse.

-Metal trays to locate the pcs or equipment with 19" mounts in both sides to locate power and data sockets.

-Customer logo applied on the front with led lighting.