New Traffic Management Control Room.

The project consists of the complete remodelling of the S30 Tunnel Control Centre in Cantabria, Spain. The scope of the project covers the entire design of the environment, including technical flooring, installations, video wall panelling, wall cladding, application of the corporate image and the supply of control consoles and ergonomics (specific CXO seating and articulated supports for monitors).


In addition, the control centre will be equipped with the fully customised 4YC VOIP (Video Over IP) management platform, on which the whole VISION camera visualisation system will be integrated, making the management of the entire platform totally intuitive and dynamic.

The Control Centre is equipped with the 4YC solution, based on the codification and decodification of all the video signals by means of a dedicated and exclusive net, having the option to visualize any of the signals fo this net directly into the work posts of the control room and over the videowall.


The 4YC platform allows each screen of the operator's workstation to be subdivided into multiple windows and to switch the keyboard and mouse dynamically, obtaining immediate control of each source.



- The 4YC platform allows the creation of as many users as desired.


-Saves the configuration of any user


-An active management of the audiovisual system of the control center can be carried out, operating directly on it through specific control software (4YC-Dsworks), whose interface is 100% customizable for each project.


-No type of external central server is required for user management.

-The installation of any type of software is not required on the equipment to be monitored.

-No extra equipment is required for signal switching.


-Possibility to control third party elements such as air conditioning, lighting, sound, curtain opening, etc.