ISE 2018

Thank you for making ISE 2018 (Integrated Systems Europe) innovative, inspirational and truly unforgettable!
If you were unable to attend, we summarize our presence to the show as exhibitors:
If you were unable to attend ISE (Integrated Systems Europe) 2018 last week, we summarize our presence to the show as exhibitors with the main points:

We launched the new
 T-LINE Console: a simple, rounded, balanced and robust themed console. With its swing backdoor, an extremely easy access to a wide storage area is guaranteed. A careful research of ergonomics takes into account the fitting of the operator’s legs and feet to the slanted base of the console, enabling always a comfortable position. At the same time, it allows an easy modularity by creating multiple consoles.

One of the main objectives of the console is to achieve a perfectly structured inner wiring. The cabling gets through the console from the bottom and extends along the most convenient path of the drilled structure by bridling on it.
Many connectivity spots have been added to the console to guarantee a perfect integration with all the annexed electronic devices. It also incorporates an advanced system that allows wireless charging for your device only by placing it above the loading icon. Say goodbye to cables!
With the V-CONCEPT console, we have achieved our objective: to design a compact and stylish console for any kind of control room, integrating all the elements within the whole set. High capacity is a must in this console, you will be able to organize all your devices and electronic equipment in an easy way. Modularity is easy if your need is to create a set of consoles.

On the other hand, we have also shown the redesigned CRAE console. The aim of the upgrade is to improve some features, such as enhancing the access to the back compartment by adding lateral sliding doors. This is the higher-capacity console we have, especially thought for environments with huge needs of storage.
In addition, our AV Totem range has been shown at ISE in order to complete your control room needs: destined to integrate large format monitors allowing the creation of self-standing videowalls. Many options are available depending on each use.We've also exhibited our wide range of ergonomic solutions, such as monitor arms, lighting solutions and 24x7 CXO Chairs. If you need more detailed information about our products, please contact us or check our website products section.

Meanwhile, save the dates for ISE2019: 5-8 February 2019.