Control Consoles for ROYAL AIR MAROC

Royal Air Maroc trusts in Roomdimensions for the supply of consoles in the control centre that the company has at the Mohammed V International Airport in Casablanca, Morocco.


Royal Air Maroc (RAM) is the national airline of Morocco, based in Casablanca. It operates scheduled international flights from Morocco to destinations in Africa, Asia, Europe, South America and North America.

It also operates domestic routes and charter flights. Its main hub is Mohammed V International Airport (CMN) in Casablanca. 

The V-CONSOLE range of consoles is fully modular, with all its elements integrated in its characteristic "V" shape section view. This allows the creation of multiple continuous workstations where connectivity between operators is facilitated.

Features of the V-CONCEPT Console:


+ Clean design lines with HPL covers around the structure.

+ Two main connectivity areas: Table board zone for the operator and sides of operators for equipment

+ Easy modularity that maximizes the creation of multiple workposts with full cabling communication.

+ Working area with back panel and cover that helps create specific space for each operator.

+ Easy and flexible monitor placing inside the cable duct.

All workplaces include:


+ Connectivity unit with access cover located in the work surface

+ Rear door to access the internal compartment. Manufactured in 12mm phenol board.

+ Back panel to hide the cabling coming from the monitors or the table board. Disposes of horizontal slots to ease ventilation of the equipment inside the console.

+ Single monitor supports made of aluminum profile that allow a dynamic monitor adjustment at all levels.

+ 1 wireless battery charger for compatible devices. Hidden under the table and identified with an icon engraved on the surface.

+ 1 ergo chair CXO specifically for 24x7 operating environments.

+ Decorative led lighting on table board corners and structural extremes. 

+ Personalization with the client's corporate image. Logo applied in glass with led lighting.

+ Double Zamak leveler for supporting the floor and the board.

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