Haramain High Speed Railway Control Room

In the last few weeks, RDI technicians have completed the installation of different control centres for the Haramain High Speed Rail Line's stations in Saudi Arabia. 


As a continuation of the project of equipping different control centres of the high speed line between Mecca-Medina (Haramain High Speed Railway) in Saudi Arabia, Roomdimensions has installed new technical furniture for railway traffic management. 

Thanks to the cooperation with INDRA, RDI has had the opportunity to design the whole environment, including all the architectural works and decorative elements, as well as to design and manufacture a specific control console 100% customised to the clients' requirements and INDRA's needs.

The project is based on a new concept of control room environment, where the consoles are adapted to INDRA's technology used in the railway market, offering a totally new, unique, high quality solution and optimum ergonomics for the operator, guaranteeing a perfect view of both the personal audiovisual system and the general information displayed on the video wall. 

This meeting table is a closed technical solution designed to organise meeting and crisis environments where high capacity solutions are required, allowing a perfect location of IT and audiovisual equipment inside the structure.