Factory test acceptance and shipping of consoles to the Middle East

RDI has completed the technical and auxiliary furniture for a new control centre for a powerful Saudi multinational company, which includes products from the V-CONCEPT EVO and MEETING SOLUTIONS ranges.

In RDI's Assembly and Testing Plant, a rigorous quality implementation system is followed to detect any anomalies. The procedure ensures the highest quality and perfect mounting at all times.


This week we are proud to announce the shipping of an important project designed and manufactured in our facilities destined to one of our strongest customers located in Saudí Arabia.

The project consists of several operating environments of the same control centre which includes some of our most relevant products such as the impressive TYPE A WAVE SHAPE meeting table, or the recently renovated V-CONCEPT EVO console. In addition, the project is completed with specialised ergonomic seating for 24x7 environments and auxiliary furniture from the same console range.


The project includes a technical solution for meeting and crisis rooms adapted to 11 users in this case. All of them with individual access to the connectivity. It includes 11 17.3" motorised monitors and 11 executive chairs model EC6 from the Canadian brand Nightingale Chairs.

This technical solution for meeting and crisis rooms is applied when the integration of computer equipments and locatation of AV accessories in specific points of the table is required. The solution integrates a range of closed compartments distributed along the table, which are connected to the main structure of the console. The user has access to the connectivity zone, from the upper area, through integrated hinged covers.

F1 F2


The Control room is equipped with a multi-operator curved console withe the following requirements:

2x single arm support for 24" monitor
2x extended back compartments in the rear area
1x connectivity spot
1x wireless induction charger
1x mobile drawer
1 CXO ergo chair

V-CONCEPT EVO console has a great internal management capacity as well as a bigger space for the management of infrastructure and connectivity, with no need to modify the existing V-Concept platform.


The solution has a modular and stackable compartmentalization system, which allows increasing the depth of the standard structure of the console, enlarging the internal capacity for the location of computer equipment or the creation of high capacity 19" sections.

+ Clean design lines with HPL covers around the structure.

+ Two main connectivity areas: Table board zone for the operator and sides of operators for equipment

+ Easy modularity that maximize the creation of multiple workposts with full cabling communication.

+ Working area with back panel and cover that helps create specific space for each operator.

+ Easy and flexible monitor placing inside the cable duct.


F1 F2
F1 F2

Our facilities are specialised in the manufacture of technical furniture for control rooms, and are equipped with high-tech tools to guarantee the best quality products and solutions.