Case studies

SAIH de las Cuencas Intracomunitarias de Andalucía Control Center

RDI completes the new control centre for SAIH de las cuencas intracomunitarias de Andalucía and now it is fully operational.

The project has considered the global design of the 24x7 operations environment, including the control and meeting room, the supply of consoles with specific Nightingale seating, BARCO 4x2 55" KVD video wall and our 4YC (For Your Control) IP video management platform.

S.A.I.H. Hidrosur

SAIH (Sistema Automático de Información Hidrológica) is a network of remote stations strategically distributed to obtain, in real time, information on the hydro meteorological incidents that occur in each of them, in order to take appropriate measures, both in anticipation of floods to prevent and minimize damage, and in exploitation of water resources.


The new SAIH-Hidrosur (Sistema Automático de Información Hidrológica) control room has 17 operational posts distributed among 7 operators located in the control room and 10 users in the crisis room, and is equipped with state-of-the-art technology so that specialists can make the complex decisions they must take in adverse weather situations to ensure the safety of the population.

LAN console, for operating environments with high equipment storage needs

LAN range consoles have been used for the project because of their large storage capacity as well as a highly flexible product when it comes to organizing operational environments of this type. It has a high modularity and offers solutions that allow to adapt to special needs, as for example in this project, to place glass partitions between operators as protection against COVID'19.


All consoles are equipped with individual trays to store office supplies, a connection unit with power, data and USB outlets, wireless charger, office drawer, a module to house the operator's computer equipment and an ergonomic chair model CXO for operating environments. In addition, they incorporate double monitor supports allowing easy adjustment of two monitors at all levels.


Crisis Room

The meeting table is fully equipped for 10 users. It has lower compartments to accommodate PC's, connectivity points on the work surface with data, power and USB sockets and 10 executive chairs model EC6 by Nightingale Chairs with full leather finish.

The meeting table is headed by an adjustable audiovisual totem, with the Junta de Andalucía's corporate image and provided by a 55" BARCO KVD screen.

4YC VOIP (video over IP) data management platform


The scope of the project has included the supply and installation of a 4x2 55" KVD Videowall by BARCO and an AV Totem with a 55" monitor in the crisis room, both controlled by our 4YC (For Your Control) IP video management platform that allows an agile, dynamic and unlimited management of all the physical sources, both in the AV system in the control centre, the crisis room and the operators' work stations.

Design and integration of the audiovisual infrastructure

In addition, RDI has implemented an audiovisual system integration solution in the control room, which is based on a corporate paneling system manufactured in HPL, allowing the whole system to be embellished, guaranteeing perfect access to the rear of the unit to carry out maintenance tasks as it is made up of mobile modular panels.  


It is a structure made of 40x40 aluminium profiles, 100% adaptable to all measurements and conditions of the space where it is installed. The external coverings are custom-made in compact phenolic resin of 10mm thickness. The paneling can be totally customized according to the corporate image of the environment, as well as the color of the led lighting in the lower area.