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Lite console is a product that was created as an alternative solution destined to organize the work environments annexed to the control center, where complementary solutions are required, usually with a lesser degree of complexity.

The composition of the solution is based on a rear
Functional Arc, which enables a smart and facile ditribution of the structured cabling all along the console. At the same time, it also allows the location of power, voice and data jacks in its interior.

Starting with the
Functional Arc, all other components and accessories of the Lite range can be installed, configuring the product based on the user's requirements:

Articulated monitor supports | Compartments for PCs | Lighting systems | Partitionings

Thanks to the structural system of the FUNCTIONAL ARC, 
Lite console is a highly versatile range, adaptable to any kind of environment annexed to the 24x7 operations areas.

Lite console uses the same technology as KOMPAS  console, but adapts the solution and simplifies the elements so that it can be deployed in the creation of technological, cutting edge administrative spaces.

Lite console console is a premium product of first class features, having as main objective the proper disposition of the various ergonomic elements of the workpost, as well as the organization of the structured cabling and existing connectivity points inside the FUNCTIONAL ARC, leaving the workpost visually clean.

Of the possibilities available, the filling and partitioning series stand out as an excellent accessory to complete all the operators' workposts as well as the 24x7 environment itself. All available modules have been designed in the image and linkeness of the 
Lite console solution, in order to ensure a maximum integration in the environment. At the same time, each product allows customization of colors and finishes in accordance with the final client's corporate image.
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