New control room for the health sector in Israel

RDI closes a new contract for the creation of an operations centre for a health sector company in Israel. 


The operations centre will be equipped with modular LAN consoles and auxiliary archive furniture from the same console range.


All the workstations will be equipped with a technical compartment for the equipment, three individual supports for monitors up to 24", DSS (Device Support System), connectivity tray, wireless induction charger, LED desk lamp and CXO ergonomic chairs by the Canadian brand Nightingale Chairs.

The range of LAN consoles is defined by its high storage capacity and for being a highly flexible product when organizing operating environments of this type. It is highly modular and offers solutions that can be adapted to any special need.

The centre will be led by a video wall consisting of 8 screens with 4x2 matrix and 55-inch Samsung LCD monitors.


In addition, RDI has implemented the solution for integrating it into the control room, based on a corporate paneling system manufactured in HPL, which allows the entire system to be embellished, guaranteeing perfect access to the back side to carry out maintenance tasks. This system, based on a modular composition of mobile panels, allows access at all times to carry out maintenance tasks.

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