Control Room Nuclear and Radiological Regulatory Commission in Saudi Arabia

Roomdimensions will implement the design and console supply for the Nuclear and Radiological Regulatory Commission (NRRC) in Saudi Arabia.

With this project, RDI strengthens its presence in Saudi Arabia with the implementation of its products and services, which are the result of a long history and proven experience in the sector. As soon as the project is finished, we will be able to show images of the result.


The NRRC is an independent legal entity with independent financial and administrative autonomy. It seeks to protect people and the environment in KSA from the harmful effects of ionizing radiation.


The control room will be composed of 12 work posts distributed among 2 and 4 operator consoles LAN model by RDI. All the work posts will be equipped with a technical equipment compartment, two single monitors support for up to 24”, DSS (Device Support System), connectivity tray, wireless induction charger, led desk light and a CXO ergo chair by Nightingale. In addition, the room will be headed by a video Wall consisting of a 9x3 matrix configuration 55” LCD screen.

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