New release: V-Concept EVO console

V-Concept EVO is the result of an extensive market analysis based on RDI’s experience applied on strategic projects and on the feedback provided by our clients.

The improvements of the product are based on providing the solution with an increase of its internal management capacity as well as a bigger space for the management of infrastructure and connectivity, with no need to modify the existing V-Concept platform, in all those projects that it has already been implemented.

The solution has a modular and stackable compartmentalization system, which allows increasing the depth of the standard structure of the console, enlarging the internal capacity for the location of computer equipment or the creation of high capacity 19" sections.


The evolution of the V-Concept range is completed by a whole series of internal accessories that make it possible to modulate the interior space depending on the type of technology to be installed, either equipment or elements in 19" format or in conventional format, which can slide completely out of the structure through the use of removable trays.

From the point of view of connectivity management and structured cabling, V-Concept EVO reinforces the concept of Lateral Technical Area and Lower Technical Area. Both areas allow the management of cabling separately as well as Energy and Data, so it improves the workstation maintenance tasks by having the interior area perfectly segmented.


A key aspect is the design of the solution, which uses the style guide defined by RDI in all its products and it is reinforced with fundamental value-added aspects such as ambient lighting systems, the possibility of customizing colors and the application of the customer's corporate image on the sides of the console.

Overall, the console continues to maintain its main features:

+ Clean design lines with HPL covers around the structure.

+ Two main connectivity areas: Table board zone for the operator and sides of operators for equipment

+ Easy modularity that maximize the creation of multiple workposts with full cabling communication.

+ Working area with back panel and cover that helps create specific space for each operator.

+ Easy and flexible monitor placing inside the cable duct.

The V-Concept console is based on a simple, dynamic and minimalist design. Totally modular, with all its elements integrated into its characteristic "V" shape in section.

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