Israel Railways Control Room

In cooperation with our partner in Israel, RDI has developed a new future proof and state of the art control center for Israel Railways.

Israel Railways (ISR) is a public organisation under the auspices of the Ministry of Transport (MOT). It provides and manages the railway operations throughout the state.


Today, Israel Railways manages 70 stations throughout the country and operates over 700 trains per day, connecting the major metropolitan areas as well as cities, towns and rural villages.

As part of the growth program, a new state-of-the-art control center has been constructed in Lod, 20 km from Tel Aviv, to provide operators with advanced and highly modern facilities that will ensure the efficient and safe operation of train services throughout the country.

Roomdimensions has developed a series of individual control rooms suited to each specific area of responsibility; including security, safety, passenger management and situation response. All systems are interconnected, so that information can be instantly accessed by permitted teams in other sections as and when necessary.


LAN Console has been developed using the most advanced technology, with excellent finishes that ensure the quality of a high-quality product that allows us to meet the market parameters required for control centers.

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