Case studies


Roomdimensions was commissioned to develop, in Riyadh, the new CITC SOC (Security Operation Centres) with the aim to maintain the security of data at the organization. It requires that the operatively must be 24/7. To cover this uninterrupted activity, there are three shifts of operators who rotate on the same workplace, so it must be ergonomically adaptable to the needs of each operator.

CITC (Communications and Information Technology Commission) is responsible for regulating the ICT and postal sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Its mission is to regulate the communications and information technology sector, to monitor, track, and adopt the developments in the technologies and services of the communications and information technology sector and to develop an attractive environment for investment in the communications and information technology sector in the kingdom.

All the areas contemplate solutions designed and developed specifically for this operating environment. The SOC area has been provided by V-Concept consoles whereas the annexed spaces are equipped with the LAN console range of products.

The project counts with a SOC AREA equipped for 13 operators, a MEETING ROOM for 14 users, a FORENSICS LAB & SOC LAB for 4 operators and the OFFICES for 36 operators. Also, auxiliary furniture, ergonomic chairs and two video walls have been installed to complete the operation environment.


SOC & Meeting room 12 operators
AUDIOVISUALS: Operators: 2x 24", Supervisor: 2x 24", Videowall SOC: 6m x 1,75m led screen, Videowall MT: 1x 65" screen

Forensics Lab. & 3. SOC Lab 2+2 Operators
AUDIOVISUALS: Operators: 1x 24"

Offices – Females 8 Operators
AUDIOVISUALS: Operators: 1x 24"

Offices 6 Operators
AUDIOVISUALS: Operators: 1x 24"

Offices (x4) 3+3+3+3 Operators
AUDIOVISUALS: Operators: 1x 24"

The V-Concept console is based on a simple, dynamic, lightweight and minimalist design. The design of the structure is totally modular, with all its elements integrated into its characteristic "V" shape in section. This allows the creation of multiple posts where communication between the different operators is facilitated.


+ Clean design lines with HPL covers around the structure.
+ Two main connectivity areas: Table board zone for the operator and sides of operators for equipment.

+ Easy modularity that maximaze the creation of multiple workposts with full cabling communication.
+ Working area with back panel and cover that helps create specific space for each operator.
+ Easy and flexible monitor placing insde the cable duct.

All the consoles have been provided with a wireless charger, an ergonomic CXO chair and a task lamp.


The meeting table is an open technical solution for meeting and crisis environments where it is required the integration of computer equipment and to locate AV accessories in specific points of the table. The solution integrates a range of closed compartments distributed along the table where the user has access to the connectivity zone, from the upper area.


+ Table equipped with a central unit that contains power & data connectors.
+ The cable duct manages all the wiring from the surface to the compartments.
+ Electronic compartment destined to house the computer equipment being accessible from the front and back.
+ The structure itself serves for housing small electronic equipment.
+ Decorative led lighting applied on each corner of the table board.

The meeting console has been provided with 6 points of access to connectivity from the worksurface, 3 small electronics compartment and 14 full leather executive Kroma chair.

The Lan Console, the range product chosen for the offices, is a product that seeks the maximum effectiveness and balance in terms of cost-performance ratio. It is a highly robust and reliable product that provides efficient solutions for the organization of simple and highly flexible 24x7 operations environments.




+ High capacity.

+ The structural feet of the console houses itself all the required equipment.

+ Multiple configurations and finishes considering required equipment & systems.

+ Device Support System

+ Strong industrial character.

+ Connectivity: easy to customize voice, data & power sockets in different áreas of the workstation optimizing security.

+ Space for personal storage


Each operator is provided with 1 simple monitor support, 2 racks for small electric compartments, 1 drawer, a connectivity spot on the work surface, 1 wireless charger, 1 tray for office supplies and an CXO ergo chair.