Case studies

Metro Ligero Oeste Control Room

Roomdimensions, accomplishes through IECISA (El Corte Inglés Computing)  the remodeling of the “Metro Ligero  Oeste“ command post located in Madrid.

The scope of the action has aimed at the total modernization of the environment, updating audiovisual systems, coatings and vertical panels, KVM system, control consoles and ergonomic solutions of the center.
The audio-visual solution supplied consists of a 55" LCD videowall KVD5521 in 5x2 format of the manufacturer BARCO, on which the entire CCTV system of Light Metro is managed, providing a high quality in the image obtained.

All the KVM platform is supplied from manufacturer ADDER, which has enabled the client computers in RACKS located in the rear area of ‚Äč‚Äčthe audiovisual system, extending the signal through UTP cabling using the DVXPro solution and switching all the signals in the workstation, using the ADDER Free flow technology, which facilitates the operator to automatically switch the signal, moving the mouse from one screen to another without numerical combination.

The control consoles installed are of the KOMPAS console V2 range, which has a new solution for articulated support, called RAIL SUPPORT SYSTEM, that allows a perfect regulation of all the monitors throughout the workstation, and a new system of Access to the wiring area and connectivity, being more spacious and with more equipment capacity.

Special features of Kompas Console:

-Back door to access the interior of the cable duct.
-Functional arc: Steel structure that allows the internal management of the wiring. Inside it houses the power sockets and data of functional use. The assembly is covered with phenolic panels with a folding central lid to access the sockets and internal wiring.
-Electronic module: Houses operator’s equipment. Located under the functional arc, it has an interior normalized to 19" width. The front door has perforations in order to allow ventilation of the equipment.
-Desktop device with connectors (USB, data, power) as support for management.
-Fixed cabinet of metal exterior covering with three drawers.

Operator’s workposts have been completed with the Nightingale's chair CXO, a specific seating for 24x7 operations centers. The CXO chair is probably the best solution for continuous operations environments, with the FNEW 83-269E-1989 certification: Performance test Method for intensive Use Chairs, which certifies that the product is validated for intensive use or 24x7.

Line operator’s console

-Kompas Model for 3 operators U-shaped.
-3x support arms for 5 monitors up to 24 "
-2x angle adjustable touch-screen supports
-2x drawers under board
-3x CXO chairs
-3x operator’s connectivity zones
-4x 10U modules under functional arc

Security Operator Console Kompas
Model for 2 operators L-shaped.
-1x support for 5 monitors up to 24 "
-1x support for 4 monitors up to 24 "
-1x angle adjustable touch-screen support
-1x drawer under table
-2x CXO chairs
-2x operator’s connectivity zones
-2x 10U modules under functional arc

Rear projection videowall 4x2 55” screens configuration, front maintenance. Access to racks of electronic equipment at the inferior of the structure.

2x 42U Racks
Electronic equipment compartments for the 3 operators the main console.

2x 42U Racks
Kompas file module. Front folding doors lacquered in matte black and top and lateral coating in phenolic. Measurements: 3x1000700x450mm.