Case studies

Ministry of Energy Control Centre

The Ministry of National Infrastructure, Energy and Water Resources is responsible for the supply and management of energy and the natural resources of the State of Israel: electricity, fuels, natural gas, energy conservation, water, sewerage, oil & gas exploration, minerals and ores excavation.
The proposal for the work posts in the Main Control Room employs a curved, closed structure console configuration from the CRAE Console range, a technical solution especially designed to organize 24x7 technological environments which require a storage capacity of electronic equipment from high to moderate, a well thought ergonomic design and user comfort.  Crae Console is specifically destined for 24x7 operations environments, having as a main feature its high robustness and great capacity to organize all types of equipment inside, as well as a perfect integration and management of all wiring and connectivity elements necessary. It is considered appropriate to plan the workstations as such to be able to integrate the audiovisual and computer equipment required by each operator for his daily work, more specifically at least 1xPC and 2x monitors per operator. Each console disposes of a closed structure with 19" sections under the cable duct, allowing to safely locate and connect the PC's in an isolated environment. Thereby, the console itself counts as an organizational element, ensuring a perfect ergonomic distribution of all elements within the workplace.