Case studies

Venta Alta ETAP Control Room

Roomdimensions, contracted by the Bilbao Bizkaia Water Consortium, has successfully executed the comprehensive remodeling of the Control Centre and the CPD of the ETAP de Venta Alta located in Arrigorriaga (Bizkaia). 

The Project has included a turnkey scope, starting from both completely emptied environments, which have been equipped taking into account all the specific and functional aspects of a 24x7 operations environment. The resulting environments have a strong corporate character and are developed with materials and high quality solutions, providing a high technological level and optimal life cycle in each of the products used. The interior design is centered on a coherent and practical space distribution, sensitive to the functionality of the control center for that to ensure an adequate mobility, a maximum comfort and full control of the daily operational processes.

Scope of the Project:

Comprehensive interior design and remodelling of the Control Centre and CPD | Control consoles and ergonomic accessories | BARCO audiovisual system OL-721 70” HD | Audiovisual TOTEM | Racks 42U Schneider Electric | Power and data infrastructure | Lighting system | HVAC system | Fire detection/extinction system | Access control |