Case studies

DGT Traffic control center

Roomdimensions has been contracted by SICE to comprehensively equip the new control center of the General Directorate for Traffic located in the city of Zaragoza, Spain.
The Project Scope relied on the organization of all the operational workstations of the main control room and of the annexed crisis room, employing solutions designed and developed specifically for this particular operating environment, such as the audiovisual TOTEMs of the operators. The project was developed using our highly performant range of technical furniture KOMPAS console, which allowed an excellent distribution of space and the creation of a perfect workplace for each user.
Each workstation was equipped with its own cable conduction and management system, connectivity elements for computers and electronic equipment, connectivity points for the personal use of the operators, filing modules, CXO 24x7 ergonomic seating, articulated monitor supports for the management of the LCD displays, electronic compartments specially destined to the location of the computer equipment.
Scope of the project:

6 operations work posts | 4 administrative work posts | 1 Supervisor workstation | 1 Crisis Room for 14 operators.