Case studies

CCE Bilbao City Council

We were contracted by the Bilbao city council for the remodellation of its Coordination emergency center, located in the City council facilities in Miribilla area, in Bilbao.

The scope of the project includes the replacement of all existing furniture in the control room with the new LAN consoles range, which have been specifically tailored to meet the technical requirements of the environment, facilitating the integration of the 12 operators and their systems, while contemplating all the ergonomic needs of the workplace by integrating CXO Extreme chairs for 24x7 environments. For each  workstation we have proposed a customized technical solution, which enables the perfect management of all required equipment, without losing or minimizing the ergonomic aspect of the control consoles.

The contract also included the supply and installation of an audiovisual system of 80" 4:3 SXGA+ in 3x2 format, manufactured by BARCO, along with all the associated technological components. In addition, a decorative coating, aiming to finish the installation of audiovisual system and provide high added and visual value to the control center, was installed, at the same time integrating the client's corporate image and improving the acoustics of the control center.

Scope of the Project:

Control consoles | CXO Extreme ergonomic chairs | Ergonomic solutions for LCD monitors | BARCO 3x2 80” SXG+ Audiovisual system